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William Wordsworth Wearing Apple Vision Pro

A portentous marvel, now hath Apple wrought,
Emerging from the seed, a thing of thought,
A Spectral Architect, the Vision Pro,
In this world of ours, its tale we unfold.

Heralded it was, mid joyous throng,
At Dev’lopers fair, in words and song.
Augmented Reality, a maiden voyage,
Since Timepiece grand, from Apple’s garage.

A “Spatial Computer” Apple’s wizards call,
Where digital sprites with Reality enthrall.
Hand gestures, gaze, and voice, our guide,
In Vision Pro’s fantastical tide.

Birthed from Metaio’s tech, the Pro arose,
Guided by Rockwell’s hand, the story goes,
Through doubt and change, the path was trod,
Till visionOS emerged, beneath Geoff Stahl’s rod.

Long whispered in hushed circles, the Vision’s lore,
Till Reality Pro was hinted, in whispers more.
Tim Cook previewed the Dream, in May of ‘22,
To Jon Favreau’s delight, and the chosen few.

From rumor to reality, the Vision sprung,
At WWDC, its name was sung.
Million units to ship, at dawning ‘24,
A princely sum, their owners to implore.

With Mira’s might, the Vision soared,
Super Nintendo World, and Forces onboard,
The stage was set, for Apple’s flight,
Into the realms of augmented light.

Crafted with care, a frame of grace,
Glass laminated, forms its face.
An adjustable band, sensors five,
Microphones six, the Vision alive!

Mirrored in the lens, two Micro-OLED views,
Like postage stamps, in resplendent hues,
With infrared gaze, the iris scanned,
Optic ID reigns, as Apple planned.

Power pulsates from Apple M2’s core,
With R1 co-processor, the Vision’s lore.
A crown digital, adjusts the blend,
Of Virtual and Real, a seamless blend.

EyeSight outward points, a window to the soul,
Revealing the user’s awareness, its primary role.
And when another approaches, in augmented sight,
The user’s eyes return, reflecting light.

The Vision Pro, on visionOS does run,
An offspring of iOS, under the same sun.
Eye, finger, speech, navigate the scene,
In 3D space, a floating dream.

A plethora of apps, the Pro will host,
Microsoft 365, to Disney, a boast.
Even games in scores, to Apple’s name,
Await the player, in visionOS’s game.

Critics have viewed, with awe and dread,
The Vision Pro, its path to tread.
“Truly unique,” some voices say,
Others doubt, its price will sway.

In the Vision’s heart, M2 holds sway,
R1 by its side, in sensor array.
Twelve milliseconds pass, between sight and motion,
A nod to the Virtuoso of Vision’s devotion.

But alas, for all its might, the Vision is tethered,
By cord to battery, like bird to feather.
A high price to pay, for AR’s dream,
But Apple dares, against the stream.

Sharp as reality, the Vision’s gaze,
4K resolution, the viewer daze.
IR light traces the viewer’s stare,
Yet to app or site, it does not share.

A feat of optics, an outward view,
Of the user’s eyes, in tinted hue.
And when a photo is taken, in Vision’s trance,
The background blurs, for privacy’s dance.

The dawn awaits, in Vision’s future,
Iterative improvements, in tech and suture.
The Apple Way, an evolution slow,
Till full form is reached, in future’s glow.

Apple Vision Pro, the tale is told,
Of the journey made, the vision bold.
‘Tis not the end, but the beginning,
Of an age, in tech, unending spinning.